On Love & Sex. Take 1 – Mood killers & acceptance.


So I had to go and challenge myself once again, by signing up to write a daily blog on the theme Love & Sex. Why is this such a challenge? Don’t I love the subject? Sure I do. Juicy enough of a subject. So what’s the problem? The excuses start to come up, as today is day two, so now I have to make up for yesterday by writing two blogs on the subject. (Laughs at self).

First of all, this is my first Winter Upstate NY, and the temps are frigid. I am dressed in layers of clothing, and the life force is hiding somewhere deep in my bones. My pc is on the front porch next to a wall of windows overlooking a lake and mountain views. That could get me in the mood, but the cold seeps in from the windows and the floor. Cold can kill the mood. I had these ideas of ice skating on the lake, but that remains just an idea as facing the cold literally hurts one’s face. Having been born in moderate weather, I was not made for the cold. What to do? I would take refuge in a sauna, but there isn’t one anywhere near me. Peeling off my clothes for a steamy session is far from what I see within the possibilities. I took my last shower yesterday, and today I just quickly washed up by the sink. Sure, I love a hot shower, but then afterwards I have to brave the cold. I like to take my time lathering on moisturizer and going through various grooming rituals. Not so much now. I moisturize because otherwise my skin turns to sandpaper – yes, I tried just not moisturizing. So now I do make a point of moisturizing, giving my skin some love as I do it. Quickly though!

To make matters worse, the kids are fighting. Nothing like a fight that kills the mood, and it distracts me from my task here. I stop and just listen. I let them sort it out. They are both crying now. And laughing. Sorting it out.

I was supposed to write about Love & Sex. How I am doing so far? Loving one’s skin. That’s how far I got. And nothing really about sex, except the absence of it.

It’s okay. I accept this is where I am right now. So I forgive myself for not putting out the thought provoking bits that would constitute the kind of first blog I had in mind on the subject. I love myself enough to allow things to be what they are. Twenty seven more to go. After warming up by the wood burning stove, let’s give it another go.

bundled up


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