Green Tara Mantra – Compassionate, loving heart energy


As an energy therapist I always appreciate the energetic blueprint of an experience.

How did I ever get on without experiencing the energy of the Green Tara?

Listen and enjoy this Beautiful African Buddhist Green Tara Mantra

Let’s see if we can share the essence of its meaning.

Green Tara is in essence the divine feminine embodiment – Goddess – of compassion and unconditional Love. She is known as a boddhisattva, one who has attained enlightenment, and has chosen to stay in physical in order to assist and guide all towards enlightenment. The ultimate goal is to end suffering.

OM represents the sacred primordial sound, which evolved into the creation of all life forms. It regards all that is as sacred.
TARE means liberating from true suffering, the sufferings of samsara, our aggregates being under the control of delusion and karma. (Samsara meaning the cycle of death and rebirth)
TUTTARE means liberating from the 8  fears, the external dangers, but mainly from the internal dangers, the delusions, and also karma.
TURE means liberating from the ignorance of the absolute nature of the ego. It shows the true cessation of suffering.
Svaha means “may the meaning of this mantra take root in my heart-mind”

Arya, the Sanskrit word, is a term of respect, meaning “excellent, worthy, honorable, noble” or “lord, master, friend.”

All who embrace the divine feminine carry this consciousness within. Chanting the Green Tara Mantra activates this consciousness.



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