The most rewarding and sensible thing for co-creation

After soaking up some delicious sunshine today, walking around barefoot I feel complete. Infinitely loved and supported. Someone brought up the notion today that he had no idea whether it would feel to earth that she is being kissed or kicked by us walking on her. The first thought that came to mind is that as long as it is done in joy it doesn’t matter at all. We are one with earth. We can jump especially when we do it with joy. We can dance bare foot.

Going around bare foot outdoors is also known as earthing, for the purpose of grounding. Tuning into our divine source and grounding it into the divine mother earth is the most rewarding and sensible thing we can do for our co-creation.

If grounding is in any way a challenge for you, please contact me.  I can offer you grounding techniques that will help you reconnect with the source of who you are.





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    • elxroflife · June 5, 2013

      Thank you Dr. Net. I like that you are calling me dude, even though I am usually referred to as a dudette 🙂

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