Kissing Johnny Depp and Revelations On Intimacy

Earlier this month I touched on the topic of having a theme for the year, to allow for easier manifestation of dreams. The theme I choose this year is for it to be Lighter and Brighter. This, I realize requires a lot of letting go. Speaking of dreams, I had the most interesting dream yesterday during an afternoon snooze. My husband woke me up just as the dream completed, and I loved that he woke me. “I just kissed Johnny Depp” I told him. “And I didn’t want to, or like it at all.” “Guess I woke you up just in time then”. I told him my dream.

Johnny Depp and I were rehearsing a few scenes. (Yes I was suddenly an actress :-)) The first scene I was asked to make fun of Johnny’s character. I enjoyed it very much, but JD wasn’t too happy with it. He said: “Doesn’t turn me on much. You have to be a whole lot meaner.” And so I got so mean that I was disgusted with it. JD had a very strong hurt reaction, and then told me he knew a few Dutch words and if I wouldn’t mind he’d drop a few here and there in conversation. Told him I didn’t mind of course. So he says: “Let’s kus (kiss).” And I “I’m good in the kissing department. All taken care of.” “But I’m not. After all you really hurt my feelings. Least you could do is give me a little kus.” Of course I oblige, as he smells and looks pleasant enough, and the kiss is just slightly lingering, mouth closed on my part, but it is just awful. Something stingy touches my lips from his half open mouth. As if I was kissing a huge fly, thin, nearly invisible spiky hairs stuck out of JD’s teeth. Then he removed a set of invisalign braces and showed the tiny spikes in between the teeth, as if it were a self installed defense mechanism.

Next I call my cousin who called just before Joe woke me and as I have her on the phone the meaning of the dream downloads. Self installed defense mechanisms certainly do get in the way of intimacy. And the good news is, since it is self installed, it can be uninstalled. The location: teeth, has to do with identity. Stop identifying / taking things personally. So simple. Shared that with Joe too afterwards. Certainly ready to let go.


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