What’s your theme for 2012?

Just received an invitation to listen to a radio show (see link below). Not surprised that the message resonates. Individual “resolutions” were not doing it for me either. This year’s theme for me is for it to be Lighter and Brighter, and in order for that to happen I realize more letting go (Lovingly) is in order so I can be Lighter and Brighter. Nedda Wittels is a profound teacher and mentor, with whom I chose to study Shamballa MDH, finally stepping into my own mastery last Summer. I am listening in tomorrow to hear one of my favorite spiritual rock stars, and invite you to do the same 😀


Central in this year’s musings about being Lighter and Brighter is to integrate the dark, the shadow aspects of self and lovingly let go of judgments around them. Light and dark need each other, too much of one or the other, and where is the contrast to harmonize the two? As our thoughts create reality, it is important to continue to use discernment, and ask the question: who does this serve? When it serves all it includes self, and certainly will contribute to a Lighter and Brighter reality. This is just my inner radio show. I’m sure it will be worthwhile to tune in tomorrow and hear what Nedda has to share about the subject of  choosing your theme for 2012.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/spiritualrockstar/2012/01/17/what-is-your-theme-for-2012 If you click on the little clock  next to 12:00 PM, you can set up reminders so you’ll know where and when to tune in.

We are all (spiritual) rock stars in our own right. Some of us even get away with a very bad accent when speaking/singing in French, managing to make it sound charming. Shine on fellow rock stars!


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