Breakthrough realized!

As I continue to take five minutes every day, visualizing breakthrough, I am noticing all sorts of breakthrough realized. All of these events have one thing in common: truth, cutting through fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). It’s all about unscrambling the word scared (and associated thoughts and feelings)  into sacred. Aligning with sacred geometry within ourselves.  Sharing some of it with you here:

And a friend shared this amazing story about her sister in law, taking on city hall in Toronto:

From the principal of the public school my two youngest sons attend, I received communication on one case of pertussis in our district. As officials from the State of New York mandate, the letter included information on how to “protect” against pertussis and a new strain called para-pertussis, suggesting vaccination. Naturally no references of research were included to support the statements, as research shows quite the opposite: the vaccine itself causing para-pertussis outbreaks.

After consulting my friend google, finding research backed information to make my point, I replied to the letter with several links.  As I started to write, I realized I had to watch my own projections, and work through my own distrust of corrupted systems, even though most people in these systems have the best of intentions. So I wrote to her, knowing and trusting her to be an intelligent and caring person, willing to listen and hear the truth. Next, my kids pediatrician sent this letter via email:

Talk about timing! I forwarded it to the principal and her collegues as well.

The replies I received from the principal and her collegues were very encouraging. Not only did they embrace the information, it was shared by the parent counsel!

A big thank you to everyone, visualizing breakthrough with me! Indeed we are supported!




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