Incorporating Truth

Loving this new voice among MD’s who recognize the flaws in allopathic medicine. Dr. Suzanne Humphries: “At first, when a foreign truth would appear in front of me, I would try to incorporate it. But it was just a philosophy that I liked, rather than a truth that could live inside of me. I think many people get stuck at this place; liking a philosophy of holistic health but finding it impractical or difficult in practice. Without incorporating the truth into their psyche, they run back to pharma when the going gets tough.

I needed some examples of people who were aging without drugs, getting infected and not taking antibiotics, and remaining healthy into their sixth to ninth decades. Once I looked for them, they appeared. Most of them are homeopaths and one is a shamanic practitioner. All of them exercise, eat whole and organic foods, and take impeccable care of themselves. All of them were once seated in the allopathic paradigm, and all of them got out. It is always a good idea to get advice from people who have been where you are and who have what you want. Once I found this living proof, I had all the evidence I needed to shift my old belief system. It became much easier to feel the possibility that I didn’t have to travel the hopeless trail to 12 or 22 medications per day like many of my kidney patients. The new philosophy blended easily with the real life pictures of health that I saw in others whom I could look toward for encouragement.”


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