Andrea Bocelli – Notes on an unforgettable night

Continued from: Andrea Bocelli – A touch of magic in Central Park

A perplexing element was the number of police officers and security guards present at the event. The great lawn was divided into sections by metal barred fences, as if people were expected to cause a stampede. My friend and I were fortunate enough to make it to the second box (at least that’s what it felt like: being boxed in) with not a chance to cross what the cops called the “fire lane” between the division.

In order to get as far forward as we could go, I carefully treaded the terrain, avoiding hands and feet of people sitting on blankets or pillows on the ground. I once stepped on a white towel to avoid another hand, and got yelled at for perpetrating upon his real estate. Oh my. And that was just a mild thing compared to what we were about to witness.

There still was plenty of room up front in section two, and so my friend and I and some others made our way over there. A husband and wife had set up shop there, royally, each of them stretched out on a blanket, while the rest of the crowd was sitting on a pillow or folded blanket that did not take any more room then a pillow. The Mrs. thought it necessary to grab an extra piece of textile, and spread it next to her husband as to claim and secure extra personal property. How very protective of her. Some of us just require more room then others, apparently. It didn’t prevent a verbal altercation between the Mr. and another lady who had arrived on the scene and was looking for a place to sit. Some of us couldn’t help but wonder why anyone requiring extra space would show up at a free concert expecting prime real estate.

A lovely lady next to me started laughing out loud, watching the scene unfold. “Don’t you just love this country,” she quipped at me. “I am just so happy to be here listening to Andrea Bocelli sing!” I replied,  “I am not about to let anyone ruin it.” “Oh, I’m quite entertained” the lady assured me, “and I’m so grateful to be here. I’m just here on business and only found out today about this concert. So I made it my mission to be here and here I am!” I was so grateful to be in great company, flanked by this person and my friend.

A cop had to come and hush the situation. He did have people skills I was happy to notice, and expressed a willingness to listen to one person at a time. Most people just wanted this couple who was dumbfounded by the hostile treatment of the couple behind them to just find a place to sit. Finally, they did, and we had somewhat of a view, obstructed by the metal barred fence and a few cops who were now using their cell phones to make pictures of each other with the stage as backdrop.

Eventually they too moved on and lo and behold we were able to discern a white speck in the distance, gently swaying about. That had to be Andrea Bocelli, whose voice I heard, whose presence was felt, and whose appearance was displayed on the giant screens around us. I checked between my thumb and index finger, it was about nine milimeters, a little over a quarter (less than a half) of an inch. It didn’t matter. It was still beautiful. Celine Dion came to show off her big voice for one duet with Andrea. I loved the harmonies that occurred when Chris Botti worked his magic with the trumpet as a perfect compliment to Bocelli’s multi-faceted voice. That’s what I was there for. To let the notes penetrate my heart and soul and be one with it.

My friend suggested we started moving as the concert was coming to an end. Magically one of the fences had opened, and we now had access not only to the fire lane, but also to box one! An opportunity to get closer. We went for it, moving as far forward as we could, which was quite far considering that box was not nearly as filled as the one we were in previously. Yes, it was undoubtedly Andrea Bocelli fronting the stage. We could now recognize his features! My friend and I both saw an available spot for the two of us to sit down, and on our way there a security officer literally pushed my friend: “Go back!” “Don’t you dare touch me again, boy!” my friend snarled back at him. He backed off. We decided to go off to the side and keep standing along with others who made their way in from box two.

A lady was about to make a picture with her cell phone when another security guard started barking: “Go back, you are too close!” as if she would in any way cause damage or an interference. Still feeling the love, couldn’t help it (Chris Botti and Andrea Bocelli have that effect on me) I gave the officer a look, and telepathically conveyed the request: “Can you look at the situation again and see it for what it is?” His eyes softened and the rest of his face followed. Next I stepped aside, gently guiding the lady to take that spot to take the picture. She was so grateful. A young Asian boy stood next to me, mesmorized and beaming. That’s what I was there for. To feel united in Love.

On the way out another security guard was shouting out commands to the crowd. He too received a look from me. “A little smile could make a big difference”, I gently suggested. “I know that, but…” and then he shared the pressure he felt he was under. Next thing I knew he smiled just a little, and there was a sparkle in his eyes! Love begets Love, unconditionally, and everything just yields for it, to allow for more loving interactions. There certainly is room for more!


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