Andrea Bocelli – A touch of magic in Central Park

Last night herds and herds of people were filing along one side of Fifth Avenue for many blocks, shuffling along for many blocks on the way to the great lawn in Central Park, to enjoy Andrea Bocelli’s concert. I was quite puzzled by the fact that no one seemed to think about crossing the road, where there was virtually no one on the side walk, except for my friend and I, and barely a handful of other brave souls. Not that we minded being able to move about swiftly and unrestricted.

Once we entered the gate at 72nd street, we adjusted our pace along with the rest of the crowd, slowing down. We could already hear Andrea’s angelic voice accompanied by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, tugging at the heart strings. The concert had already started, while thousands of us were still coming in. It felt nothing short of magical. “I feel like I am in the middle of a fairytale”, I shared with my friend, while a beautiful youngish lady next to me gave me a sparkling glance in recognition. I told my friend the whole scene invoked reflections from my childhood, when all the kids at school used to make lanterns in preparation for  a lantern parade. On the night of the parade we’d hang a little lamp, connected to a battery, inside the lantern. Being under the stars like that, breathing the crisp night air was magical, and gave me the feeling I was living a fairytale. No idea why or how that came up for me, but I went with it. Feeling the magic, and breathing that same invigorating night air.

Finally we reached the great lawn, where many screens were projecting Andrea Bocelli’s beaming appearance, but no sight yet of the stage. So my friend and I moved as far forward as we could get. And then I saw it. The stage looked like a spectacular, enormous dome shaped lantern with many interchanging lights!

More about it here.


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