Peace and Healing to All

Remembering September 11 and all affected. I will never forget, especially the next day when I smelled the smoke just as strongly as if ground zero was next door to me (on Long Island’s North Shore). I stayed outside to salute the ones who passed and to send love to their loved ones, and very strongly felt the presence of Angels. It was at once an incredibly sad and an amazing time, where people pulled together with great love and respect for each other, acting from the basic goodness of their hearts. Something I will always remember too.



  1. Roxanne Reitmeyer · September 11, 2011

    As requested ❤ Grief and forgiveness are both very personal matters. In the perspective I am about to present I draw on having personally lost several loved ones in sudden and violent manners and having experienced 18 yrs. of living within the Jewish Community which as I experienced is also related to a 'celebrating' of grief annually having the same slogan "We will never forget" of which basically translates "We will never heal" … indeed some losses some never recover from as everyone has their own timeframe for precessing grief. Yet the truth of the matter is whether it is someone who lost loved ones in 9/11, the Holocaust or by a drunken driver … if the whole world were to come by and personally hug and share in the grief of those whom are grieving this act would not take away the pain or emptiness felt from the loss and the feeling of being violated by the act. As the nature of grief to healing comes from within the process can only manifest on a personal level as a result. The best perspective I have found is to realize the loved one you have lost would not want you to be sad and grieve them eternally … loved ones want us to be happy and enjoy life ♥ As well another perspective, so that those whom seem 'insensitive' might be understood as well, could very well suffer from PTSS (post traumatic stress syndrome) of which remembering is an unhealthy experience for them ♥ From there I wish everyone peace and healing on this day ♥

  2. elxroflife · September 11, 2011

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience, Roxanne. It’s very courageous to share your process, and it is my hope you’ll continue to share it with many so they can at least get inspired to heal. I realize the slogan “I will never forget” can and may be interpreted as “we will never heal”, yet for me this is not the case. If anything, it added to a wake up call, that started for me in the late 80’s when I moved across the Atlantic, and then in 1995 when my brother passed. Yes, it, and the September 11 event too, broke my heart. It may be strange to hear, but I am grateful for the experience of heartbreak, as it cut through emotional scarring caused by parents whose parents had PTSS from WWII, and allowed me to tap into the current of unconditional love. My parents, and theirs, did the best they could with what they had available to them.

    What I choose to remember specifically from September 11 is how everyone pulled together into unity consciousness. Obviously mainstream media and most politicians who are just mouthpieces for the privately owned and operated fed and corporate interests have done their utmost to interfere with it. Fact is more and more people are awakening, and are choosing unity consciousness – peace and healing for all – over the fear messages mainstream media has to offer. Those of us who are awake are no longer buying into a victim stance, and are aware that all wars are funded on both sides by the fed in an effort to keep everyone divided.

    Forgiveness is important here too. These families have been trained into very limited thinking for many generations. They are playing their role in a showdown between Light and darkness, and ultimately, thanks to Wikileaks and Project Camelot, Richard Hoagland, David Wilcock and many others, as well as multi-dimensional support, more schemes are constantly brought to light. A growing number of people are in touch with their authentic power, and no longer buying into the “powers that be”. Naturally we are holding a vision of balance here, as we need some contrast. We will love to have some harmless badasses around, but certainly we can all hold a vision of resolved limited thinking, peace and healing for all, and each of us an active participant in the co-creation of the world we love to live in.

    I’ve turned away from tv many months ago, and I don’t miss it. The only time I spend on the couch is when I read with my kids, or to fold laundry. Other than that I am actively co-creating a world on multiple levels, where love without condition rules. Living from the heart, free of fear.

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