Sending Love in Turbulent Times – Part II

“Where the mind goes, chi flows. Shifts happen.”

Anyone reading this, if you are preparing for Hurricane Irene, consider that what you put out is returned to you. Naturally, you take necessary measures to get and do what is reasonably needed in case indeed we get hit. Either evacuate or stay put, go with your intuition. As you sit through the storm, where ever you are: focus on your own heartbeat, in gratitude, feel your connection with the earth and everything in your immediate environment in gratitude. Listen to your inner voice for instructions. Recognize that, like the Earth, you are sacred, and protected. Look into the eyes of someone next to you, even a stranger, and see your own sacredness reflecting back to you. This is an exciting, most wondrous time to be alive. To grow together, and to remember who we are.

I drove through parts of Long Island today, connecting with the trees in gratitude, preparing for Irene, singing Ho’oponopono’s (I’m sorry, please forgive me, I thank you and I love you, with awareness where I need to clean up my act in being more gentle – practicing love without condition) and chanting the Gayatri Mantra. I saw, felt, imagined the trees responding in gratitude and with such reverence, and the people breathing the oxygen they provide unconditionally. I saw, felt, allowed, imagined my connection with everyone and every thing as One, so that every deep breath taken is heartfelt, and grounded in Love without condition.

Shamballa On, I continue to send Love to all requests, including the unspoken ones.





  1. elxroflife · August 27, 2011

    Gayatri Mantra:

  2. elxroflife · September 12, 2011

    And here I found my initial thoughts on Irene confirmed that this storm was meant to be oceanbound to accommodate clearing of energies, and intead was manipulated to hit the east coast by individuals who work with masters of darkness. Thankfully the masters of Light I channel from communicated instructions I and many fellow Lightworkers followed to again successfully prevent major impact.

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