Hilarious dream – powerful message

I am Love

Had the funniest outrageous dream after taking in a message from Dr. Dream re: being more specific in what I order from the menu offered by the Reality Cafe of the Universe. In this dream I find myself in a restaurant, having a hard time placing an order. People who come in after me get served and leave before I even get to order. Finally a waitress takes my order. The waitress (representing an aspect of me) shook her head at me, went to the kitchen to place the order, turned around at the entrance, and stuck her tongue out at me as far as it would go, three times, rolling her eyes. Along with that she made vigorous hand gestures to the kitchen staff, as if to say: “What do you expect the cooks to do with this kind of order?”

Sticking out the tongue as far as it would go (three times!!! I better pay attention :-D) reminds me of the yogic posture of the lion, representing a display of power. The Dutch expression: “Showing the back of your tongue” is about expressing your true self without holding back. Naturally it also has to do with language. Words have power. Loving that waitress for being so colorful, showing me to use my power wisely rather then to waste it.



  1. elxroflife · August 6, 2011

    So the waitress was saying in essence: “Do you have any idea just how powerful you really are? It’s easy to get distracted from that, yet not very worthwhile as your innate power ends up being wasted in this way. Focus on the purity of spirit (coming from Love and Light), be specific as to what you choose to experience – ask accordingly – and you are infinitely powerful”. If this resonates for you, this message is also for you.


  2. elxroflife · August 6, 2011

    The following message also kept showing up for me today: According to the Mayan calendar we have recently entered the “Wavespell of the White Wind”. It is a time to reflect and commune with spirit (also known in Mayan as the White Wind), and apparently also a time where it is easy to get distracted from that. Fortunately those of us who are open and committed to serve humanity and/or Mother Earth in some way, have vivid dreams to keep at it. *It* being about communing with spirit, experiencing expansiveness and unity. Tickled pink about how unity consciousness works, and receiving the same message through different channels, without even trying to look for it.

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