Not dogs

So the boys wanted hot dogs (again!) today. After explaining to them that hot dogs are okay now and then, but not so very nutricious, they were about to be very turned off when I said: “but, I can always make you some not dogs”. They were intrigued.  The not dogs I made odly looked and smelled suspiciously like cinnamon infused french toast (from ezekiel bread) with blueberries and honey. Judging from the boys eagerness and delight, not dogs may reappear on the menu as a favorite.


  1. elxroflife · July 30, 2011

    Enjoy a not dog sometime. With whatever ingredients appeal in the moment. The one, secret ingredient is never on any list, but makes everything more digestable and appealing: love. For the ones we feed, the ones putting food on our table, and for the very enjoyment of eating something that not only tastes delicious, but also nourishes on many levels.

  2. elxroflife · July 30, 2011

    Which makes me come full circle, as every now and then that something you eat may well be a hot dog…

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