So here’s the thing I’m still digesting. One of the producers on the set of the potential reality show didn’t hide the fact that she was feeling intimitated by me, because she felt I was looking right through her. She insisted: “Tell me, please, what do you see???” My reply was the truth: “That you are a loving and very supportive person”. Meanwhile I also did see how insecure she felt that maybe I was going to blow her cover, as if I would ever be interested in it. Sheesh! I too have needed masks, or thought I did until they no longer worked with who I truly am. Not to mention the fact that we all have a dark side. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any contrast, and without it, well, we all know what an overexposed picture looks like. Not very interesting, nor inspiring. She is not the first person who responds to me like that, I still wonder why I let it get to me. Perhaps because I am ready to let people know that I’m not really doing my best to look
through people. And when I do look at something, or someone, I see an aspect of
self. As in you are another myself, I am another yourself. And that’s still not
all, I notice. I am going to ask my guides to sneak in the answer to the
question: “What part of this puzzle is still missing?” when I’m not looking.


  1. elxroflife · July 27, 2011

    And, yup. The puzzle piece just fell into my lap. I don’t judge people. Not usually. It may help to let people know this, when they are feeling intimidated. Oh, and of course there is still something else. Asking my guides again to please sneak it in again, when I’m not looking.

  2. elxroflife · July 28, 2011

    And of course the insecurity was also mine. Sheesh! 😀 Sometimes I just ask my guides to take my little insecure self by the hand and take her for a stroll just so I can do my work as a master. She is just adorable, that insecure little self I have. And sometimes she just needs some extra lap and snuggle time. Now is a good time for that.

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