Lighten up

What is this fascination with the “end of the world” scenario’s we continue to be fed? Perhaps it is the end of the notion of earth as we have known, used and abused collectively. Planet earth is part of an entire galaxy, which in turn is part of many galaxies. Each planet holds a certain energetic quality that keeps a balance within the whole. This energy may not be fixed, as it is affected by all life-forms on the surface, in the atmosphere, and inside the planet, but for an entire planet to just be completely destroyed seems rather far fetched. The idea the earth is worn out and resources running out also does not ring true for me. Example: When fuel prices are out of control, people here in the US travel less and fill up their cars a little less, which results in an enormous surplus of barrels of oil sitting in several harbors across the planet. There is no scarcity. Not really. At least not in the way that there isn’t enough to go around for everyone. There is more then enough of everything. Of course things could be divided a whole lot better, and technologies exist to use and divide resources more efficiently and effectively. They just aren’t being used yet. The more people awaken from their slumber (being identified with the physical rather then the collective consciousness that powers the many layers of our being), the more we can enjoy our beautiful earth, and all her generous gifts.

The collective consciousness is generating a massive self-healing process in answer to negative scripts that are expiring. This self-healing process is currently in full swing. Mother earth too is actively participating in this process. We are meant to live from the heart. When we enjoy a better connection with the collective consciousness, sprung from the loving light of our mother/father/source energy, which each one of us shares (consciously or not) we literally lighten up. When we lighten up this spark of consciousness we each carry within us, and allow this loving light to flow, we can also enjoy a better connection with the heart of mother earth. When we ask to ground our divine connection into her loving heart, mother earth reflects this loving light back up through us with much love and gratitude. The nurturing love of the source of our being, rooted in the heart of the earth connects each of us with our authentic heart-energy, and we radiate this outward by being more loving and generous. Some of us have more money. Some of us have other resources. We are meant to share it. This is how we can nurture each other, and no one has to starve or suffer of lack of anything. As an added bonus, we get to love and enjoy each other more!

The following short story Nedda Wittels shared at the Shamballa workshops I completed recently. I include it because it fits so nicely.

A man came to die and was guided to a higher dimension. Says this man to his guides: “I’d like to pay a visit to hell.” Of course he could. He was lead much to his surprise to a nice spacious room with enough light and a comfortable temperature. In the middle of this room was a huge cauldron with a deliciously fragrant stew. A group of people were standing around it with spoons in their hands. The problem was that these spoons were much too long to reach their mouths. As a result everyone was starved and their bodies pale, exhausted and emaciated.

The man had seen enough, and said: “I’d like to visit heaven now.” Of course he could. Once arrived in heaven, the man was lead to a space that looked identical to the one he visited in hell. Again, a cauldron with that deliciously fragrant food. The people around this cauldron did look vibrantly healthy. They were holding the exact same spoons. How was this possible? They were feeding each other!



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