From scared to sacred

Tomorrow is potentially a big day. I’ve been asked by a friend and fellow lightworker to be part of the making of a pilot for a reality show that will be pitched to Oprah’s new network, MTV, Bravo and The Learning Channel. Our motto: Empowerment of women and bringing out the divine feminine (gentleness) in men and women.

I am scared shitless. Not necessarily of the cameras, but more of the idea that if this thing takes off, I may loose my privacy. Maybe I’m also scared of success. Bottom line is, being scared has never stopped me before. Now that I am being offered an opportunity to reach out and be of service, I am going fearward. I have butterflies, (breathe), and I am not going to fight them. (Breathe). I am asking them to fly in formation. (Breathe). Through it I may just step into mastery, unscrambling the word scared into sacred.

One comment

  1. elxroflife · July 23, 2011

    It turned out to be a success! My friend and I went into it with clear intentions, and from the looks of it, my work as a multi-dimensional healer will be featured in it in some capacity, but is not the main objective (my friend and her business is). I love it. Just enough exposure for me, and not too much. Infinitely grateful, trusting the process.

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