Shamballa Master Teacher workshop musings

Image: “Water Dragon” (Kuan Yin), by California Artist Sue Halstenberg

Today Nedda, the course facilitator, asked me to channel for her just after she got done telling everyone she doesn’t like channelers/channelings. She doesn’t like doing them in consultations, or receiving them. I had visions of this experience earlier, but of course was feeling scared shitless, and intimitated, as Nedda is a very pure and experienced channeler, and in my little mind so much more advanced than I am.

Quan Yin came through me, and the energy was so huge, it was overwhelming. Nedda said: “It’s getting hot in here”. I said “Yes, I feel it too, Quan Yin is coming through.” I was overcome by emotion and cried. It is said that Quan Yin cries in compassion for all the suffering humanity endures on a daily basis. Then the most beautiful, expansive feeling of unconditional love and compassion came through me, quietly, and when Nedda asked a question I channeled Quan Yin’s messages for her. Nedda asked Quan Yin some questions for me as well and the answers came through clearly after breathing through any tension that arose at the thought “Oh, this is about me”.

It was naturally very validating to receive feedback afterward that indeed the information and energies resonated as truth. Through this experience I learned today that the “masters” Quan Yin is a part of, are all an aspect of ourselves as all is one, and each one of us is a spark of that expansiveness that is Divine Consciousness.

It came easy to facilitate a “lightbody clearing” meditation when sitting in all that expansiveness. Shamballa is about reclaiming and stepping into your mastery by stepping out of your way (all the things you “think” you are), being the master and integrating these creative powers into your own every day individual human experience. It’s really all about empowerment.

Sending Mahatma Love (love without condition) to all,


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