Something that may resonate

Beyond the old armageddon or *new age* messages on “where we are headed”, lies the reality of we don’t know yet, and it depends largely on what each of us projects.

Following video and transcript resonates for me on many levels. I found it easier to just read the transcript and allow my own experiences to illustrate the many things that resonated.

What really stood out for me was when Matias said: “Hate is nothing other then blocked love”. Imagine coming in full of love. Then it gets blocked. It happened/happens to many. Then the journey ensues, prompting to come back into love.

Thank you Nedda Wittels from for passing this along.

One comment

  1. elxroflife · June 29, 2011

    In a nutshell: life, and the world is what we make of it. It starts with the quality of our thoughts and emotions.

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