About eclipses with support of a loving universe

Ready for some more life altering experiences? Eclipses are coming, and they do usually come with life lessons and much needed change. Taking deep breaths to allow, allow, allow, trusting that all is well, and in a process of alignment with divine will. Each being in this process is connected to his/her own free and divine will, triggered by their own divine spark of unconditional, loving light, God or Goddess self, or mother/father source, even though not everyone is aware of this connection. Wisdom keepers from indigenous tribes around the globe have always held this to be true: we are all connected, all is one.

A pearl I received this week from Nedda Wittels hosting a teleclass I attended: in life we encounter positive and negative experiences, and whichever one we focus on, we energize. Nothing new, but it somehow came in on yet another level. Now I completely understand why I’ve been guided lately to focus on finding hidden gold in negative experiences when they occur. Find the positive within the negative and go with it. Perhaps it is all a natural progression as humanity is meant to release some of its expiring negative programming. Since I am part of that equation, cleaning up my own act is an ongoing project. Gratitude and forgiveness continue to be key elements in moving through the rough patches, and onward. These elements allow for powerful transformation, triggering more positive experiences.

And I am grateful for all the guidance and support on all levels I receive on a daily basis!!!

Today I came across this great essay on upcoming eclipses, with a reminder to immerse myself more into yoga again, or any other practice of combining inner and physical work-outs, like a walk in the woods, and doing some stretches afterwards.

Favorite lines from this essay: We’re in the electromagnetic wobble of the eclipses now, and the Gemini solar eclipse is next week. The period continues through mid-July, two weeks after the final eclipse. That’s the window of opportunity. With the support of a loving universe, life on earth will never be the same.

Feeling extra great about Shamballa Master Healer/Master Teacher Workshops that I am committed to attend. They are scheduled to be completed by mid July. Here’s the essay on the upcoming eclipses:



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