Nell Tomassen Reboh

Ascension/Transformation Coach

New Paradigm MDT Ambassador of Love

Born in the Netherlands, Europe, growing up as the middle child in a conventional family, Nell learned lessons of unconditional love in unconventional ways. Feeling separated from family, friends and all that was familiar when she moved to Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles in 1988, she came into her own by rediscovering her intuitive gifts and things that made her tick. Among those things: enjoying nutritious and delicious foods, nature, animals, people of all ages and from many walks of life, music and dance, travel, hands-on healing, pushing her limits, and development as a multi-dimensional being. The name of the island Curaçao means *heart*, and as soon as she set foot on the island she embarked on a lifelong journey of learning to listen to and follow the heart. It became clear to her that she enjoys living in Love and freedom, and helping others do the same.

Follow the heart she did when she met her soulmate in 1991, left her beloved island, and moved to the NY metro area to join him in a place tucked away and surrounded by nature. It turned out an ideal setting for Nell to further develop her skills in communing with Nature, spirit guides, and discovering the nature of being on multiple levels. She spent years practicing Shamanic journeying without any external teachings. In a partnership with Uriel, Nell discovered intuitively how to create gem elixirs, and founded E-l’xr (Eternal Love eXemplified Resonance) in 2008.

Nell and her husband today live Upstate NY in the Upper Catskill Mountains, with their three sons and two cats.

Nell is a certified workshop facilitator for the School of Esoteric Sciences. Courses she offers are Basic Master of New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, and New Paradigm MDT Master Teacher.


  • Ascension/Transformation Coaching
  • Energy therapy: Hands-on, cognitive release work, effective trauma release
  • Personal, group and distant healings
  • Birth/Re-birth Doula
  • Group and Individual Astral Projection – Etheric Journeys
  • Channelings from Angels, Archangels, and Intergalactic Masters of Light
  • Space clearings for home, business, hospital, class room, court room
  • Relationships: couples, parent/child, etc.
  • Gem elixirs
  • Animal communication
  • New Paradigm MDT certification courses
  • Meditation

Additionally, Nell co-facilitates GoddSCircle gatherings, in which a diverse group of women explores the divine feminine within themselves. Picture a group of women from many walks of life sharing their experiences, hardships and joys, in a sacred space they create together, accepting each other’s reality without judgment.

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