Personal assmanship

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Max (10): “Sorry I started out today by being an ass”. Nell (the mom): “I am sorry too for hooking into it, also being an ass”. Benji (4): “I am an ass too”. And so we called ourselves on our personal assmanship. We laughed it off, hugged, and instantly became our naturally loving, vibrant selves again.


  1. elxroflife · March 29, 2011

    Two raccoons crossed the road in front of my car a few days ago. They had a message. “Time to remove your masks and stop hiding your brilliance. Trying to fit in only leaves you stuck in negative programming, notice how it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable, does not resonate with who you are in essence. Share your abundant gifts with the universe and the universe provides for you in abundance”

    This morning when Max indeed was being an ass, I got hooked into it, also being an ass. I noticed how it felt really uncomfortable and out of control, trying to control him. I asked Archangel Uriel for guidance and assistance. I imagined cherubs with silver buckets coming in to take the negative energetic debris our behaviors left in it’s tracks. A question came to mind: “What do you think is best for Max?” I noticed Max disappear into the bathroom with the homework he had failed to finish last night, posting a daily note to his reader’s log.

    Just before I had been so sure Max needed the experience of coming to school unprepared. Now I realized Max had already learned the lesson, and now found his own solution, and that he was doing the best he could with what he had available.

    The scene you read above ensued when Max emerged from the bathroom.

    Max got to school a few minutes late today, with a happy, confident smile.

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